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VIP Golf Rewards: Discount Golf Clubs, Tee Times, Charity Tournaments, and More
Signup for VIP Golf Rewards.  Discount golf clubs, tee times, charity tournament foursomes, and more.

VIP Golf Rewards is the most prestigious online club in the world. Backed by Warrior Custom Golf, and propelled by Warrior's buying power and close to 400,000 customers worldwide, VIP Golf Rewards has teamed up with thousands of golf courses worldwide, directly and indirectly, and in conjunction with major online and offline teetime providers to provide our members with free and discounted rounds of golf. VIP Golf Rewards has also teamed up with the Invicta Club to invite members to formal yacht parties, charity galas at the Playboy Mansion, Kentucky Derby parties, Nascar events, movie award parties and other big events.

We are also able to offer discounts to virtually all sporting events including the Masters with our VIP ticketing service. Also being a member of the VIP rewards club entitles you to substantial discounts on Hotels, airfare and car rentals, and concierge service.

Your new membership now provides you with VIP access to the coolest hotels and restaurants, the hippest spas and vacations, and without question, the best golf, sporting and entertainment events and much, much more >

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