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    The most prestigious online club in the world
    Backed by Warrior Custom Golf, and propelled by Warrior's buying power
    and close to 800,000 customers worldwide, Warrior Golf Rewards has teamed up
    with thousands of golf courses worldwide, directly and indirectly, and in conjunction
    with major online teetime providers to provide our members with free and discounted rounds of golf.

Join Warrior Golf Rewards Today!

Be a part of our growing membership program and take advantage of all our exclusive rewards and programs.

Step #1 - Register as a Member

You can register for a free month trial or the full membership to take advantage of all our exclusive rewards.

Step #2 - Setup your Account

Fill out the necessary information to get your account going. Choose to pay in advance and save even more!

Step #3 - Use your Rewards

Once your account has been setup, you'll gain access to all the perks as a Warrior Golf Rewards Member.


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What We Provide?

We provide our members with the best golf offers and tools. You'll have access to thousands of discounted tee times nationwide.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Receive credit to spend on tee times
  • Get discounted tee times to thousands of golf courses nationwide
  • Access to the USGA Handicap Tracker
  • Receive gift boxes from Warrior
  • Warrior Cash which you can spend on exclusive Warrior Products
  • Exclusive golf video tutorials
  • And so much more